A beautifully painted home exterior is one the first opportunities a homeowner has to make on friends, family and their neighborhood. Hire a subpar painting contractor who takes short cuts with your exterior and you can say goodbye to thousands of dollars, not to mention the cost of possibly hiring another to correct the problems. Smith Painting has been hired numerous times to clean up problems created when poor workmanship by other painting contractors resulted in the premature failing of the exterior paint. More so than interior, using proper preparation techniques is so vital to extending the life of your homes paint. Spending a bit more for a high quality acrylic exterior paint is a always recommended, but if the preparation under that finish is subpar, you may as well use white wash as your finish. Choose your painting contractor carefully when hiring for the exterior of your home…choose wrong and you will regret it. Alleviate this problem by hiring Smith Painting & Decorating the first time. You will not regret it!