Exterior Preparation

You just had the exterior of your Victorian home painted and it looks great, for a few months. You start seeing some shading or yellowing bleeding through all over your newly painted home. It looks like your painting contractor did not use the proper primer prior to applying the finish. You just wasted a lot of money. I have seen and heard about this scenario far too many times in my 25 years in the painting business. Using the proper primers, caulks, fillers, etc. will make a huge difference in how well your freshly painted home will last until it needs to be painted again.

Rather than pay a little more to do the job right the first time, homeowners choose the cheaper contractor. They often end up paying to have their homes repainted a short time later and probably will pay more the 2nd time around. Bad preparation is usually the culprit. Painting the exterior of your home is not rocket science, but then again it does take a certain amount of knowledge to get the job done right. Make sure you ask your contractor how they plan to prepare your home prior to applying one brush of paint. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound a pound of cure.